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About Suriyan Solar Energy Privated Limited

Suriyan Solar Energy Private Limited (Associated with ARS Solar Systems) is one of the leading Solar Power Systems Company with a strong presence in global energy market for over 5 years.Suriyan Solar Energy is a solar power company providing solutions for both Thermal and Photovoltaic technologies SSE has the ability to implement solar power projects in small as well as large scales with utmost understanding of customer requirements and customized solutions.

SSE can develop economically viable and technically superior Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) solutions in solar energy by partnering with core solar technology providers. In collaboration with world leaders in module and inverter technology, SSE offers turnkey EPC solutions with wrap guarantees. over the years, SSE has gained expertise in different solar technologies to design and execute solar power plants. We are one of the leading suppliers of hi-tech solar products in the market

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Suriyan Solar Energy Installation

ongrid installation
  • In this system the energy harvested by the solar is directly consumed by the load available
  • There is no system for storing the energy
  • The generated power is fed in to the connected load
  • If the generated power is more than the demand then the excess power will exported to the grid
  • If the generated power is not sufficient for the connected load then excess power needed will import from the grid
  • With the help of Gross meter(bi-directional meter) the imported power and exported power will measured
  • Generally the on grid solar system is much beneficial to the bigger industries and commercial establishments, colleges and schools where the demand is only in the day time
  • In this system energy harvested from solar will be used directly and also charging the Batteries
  • This system is designed with high intelligence program to take care battery charging and regulate the power supply by convert DC power to AC power and also make use of solar power in optimum way
  • This system combines three different electrical energy (energy from solar, stored energy in the battery and energy from the grid) this will act as an uninterrupted power supply and maintenance the load with any one of the powers from the three sources
  • This system will be well utilized applications like domestic, hospitals, data centers and also in educational laboratories.
OFF Grid Installation

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